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Pannonvad was founded by Toni Török and Peter Horn in 1990. Toni first started to work as a head hunter for the forestry department in Romania in the late 1970″s. He moved to Hungary in 1985,where he began working in the hunting tourism business.Then,in 1987 Toni met Peter on a driven pheasant shoot,where Horn brought a line of American guns.
Peter became a passionate hunter in his youth.He participated and organized numerous safaris in Kenya,Tanzania,Zimbabwe and the Sudan ( where he was a PH) .He moved on to the British Isles and Spain before falling under the spell of Eastern Europe.There is probably no American who has hunted Eastern Europe more in the last 30 years then Peter Horn.
When the political situation made it possible in 1990 to open a hunting company the two devoted sportsmen founded Pannonvad KFT., a company dedicated to the finest hunting programs available.Toni and Peter first started to organize hunts  in Hungary and Romania and have grown to where they offer sporting opportunities in the best Serbian,Croatian ,Slovenian,Austrian,and Spanish areas. In Africa they book Namibia,SouthAfrica,Tanzania and Zimbabwe .In Asia they arrange hunts in Russia, Turkey,Tajikistan and Kirghizistan . We also book for the U.S.A.,  Canada  and Argentina .


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